Who We Are

AIR SAINT LOUIS is a Missouri based aerial photography/videography and production agency. Our pilot is an FAA Part 107 Certified operator. Our primary mission is providing our clients with beautiful imagery from a birds-eye perspective, from events to commissions to prints.

Agricultural Aerial Photography

Whether you’re checking crop yields or just want a great aerial for the lobby, we can help out.

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Residential Aerial Photography

We provide professionally produced aerial packages for various real estate needs.

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Art Prints

Bring the sky into your home or office with TABER Aerial Productions! Our prints are produced on a diverse selection of media in many sizes from a renowned vendor. Shop our galleries.

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Events & Commission

Capture your event from a bird's eye view with AIR SAINT LOUIS.

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About Our Pilot

Christopher Taber has experience in photography, videography, post-production, event production and B2B marketing, Christopher understands the steps necessary to produce a final product that appeals to its intended audience. Christopher has over twenty years of production experience in graphic design production and extensive knowledge of the adobe creative suite, with an emphasis on photoshop, illustrator, lightroom and after affects. In addition, Christopher is proficient in Final Cut Pro and has experience in Logic Pro.

Why Choose Us

AIR SAINT LOUIS knows the value of a professionally produced product. Whether it be a commission, a news piece or an event. To provide the highest level of service we are:

FAA Certified

Did you know that to commercially provide aerial photos taken from a sUAS (drone) the operator requires testing and certification from the FAA? Further, the operator must abide by all airspace rules for the flight location. Our operator is FAA Part 107 Certified and we utilize flight coordination services to receive ATC authorization for our flights ensuring that the final product is produced within lawful guidelines.

Flight Insured

We have formal pre-flight checks that are utilized before takoff and contingency plans are on file. In addition, our commissioned flights are insured to give our clients piece of mind.

Professional Class

Our gear and personnel arrive on time, dressed appropriately with the gear necessary to get the job done right.

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Prints, Metal and Acrylic Available

Personalized art prints make a great gift. Support a local artist with your purchase.

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AIR Saint Louis will work with you to create a product you can be proud of, whether it’s an event, a commission or something special.

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We provide photography, aerial photography, videography, event and post-production services. Find out more here.

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    PO Box 2292, Saint Louis, MO 63118